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Født: 15.05.2015

Ch. Jeddep Hairy Biker Ch. Kerjalee Takes a Moment Dizzny’z Artful Dodger Babiton Take Two Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover
Ch. Babiton Geneva
Ch. Dizzny’z Modesty Blaise Ch. Bahlamb’s Barnyard Baron
Ch. Dizzny’z Hope and Glory
Ch. Kerjalee Moments Special Kerjalee Joe Cool Ch. Lamedazottel’s Keep Cool
Kerjalee Star Moments
Kerjalee Lala’s Moments Ch. Brinkley Mr. Perfick
Kerjalee Miss Moments
Howander Precious Model for Jeddep Ch. Jeddep Bettabeliveit for Chysauster Ch. Hibray Action Replay Ch. Dalewood Mr. Mistoffles
Hibray Starlight
Rischale Ready Maid for Jeddep Vigilat’s Knock on Wood at Jeddep
Rischale Julie’s Joy
Mizz Fizz Ruby at Howander Howander Orson Wells Howander Highlander with Lindisfarm
Tansy Croft Evergreen Lass at Howander
Lady Lala Gem Tansy Croft Highland Lad
Tansy Croft Magic Moments
Ch. Grey Souls Amazing Grace Ch. Woody Woodstock von den Blue Zottel’s Ch. Aryakas Callipous Ch. Reata’s Cosmopolitan Ch. Danish Delight Sophies Dutch Joker
Ch. Reata’s Avantgarde
Ch. Fan-Fell Quality for Happiness Ch. Reata’s A1
Fan-Fell Givenchy
Ch. Pippilotta von den Blue Zottel’s Ch. Made in Heaven of Mary People Ch. Spakle Square’s Last Gossip
Ch. Happy Panda of Mary People
Ch. Nesthäckchen Nina von den Blue Zottel’s Ch. Larthur Rimbaud of Mary People
Daisy von den Blue Zottel’s
Old Dream’s Come on Eileen Ch. Old Dream’s Dennis My Prince Alleloons Tommy Twitchit at Alisheen Baggybush Hemlock
Ragglebarn Flora Finching
Ch. Old Dream’s Princess Cherie Ch. Notown’s Beat the Meat
Ch. Old Dream’s Lovely Miss Amy
Ch. Lykkegården Hit of the World Ch. Dreamdancer’s Ballentines Ch. Uno di Uno aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
Ch. Georgina vom Blütenparadies
Gentle Georgia from Beautiful Highland Cathy’s Clown Call to Glorie
Ch. Fergie from Beautiful Highland