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Født: 13.02.2013

Alleeloons Tommy Twitchit at Alisheen Baggybush Hemlock Ch. Baggybush Midnight Madness Hollyham’s Barney Barnes of Macopa Rakesmoor Range Rover of Hollyham
Hollyham’s Lady Grey
Baggybush Bizzy Lizzy Ch. Jedforest Don Carlos
True Blue Snow Boots
Tuckles Perfect Puzzle Ch. Simberdale Henry Higgins Ch. Raynham Scaramouch
Ch. Southview Elizadoolittle of Simberdale
Tuckles Mabel Ch. Reeuwijk’s Dew Fantasy
Tuckles Double Doughnut
Ragglebarn Flora Finching Ch. Pick of the Pack
at Viewpoint
Ch. Oldoak Crackshot at Malcro Ch. Barnolby Troubleshooter at Oldoak
Oldoak Enchanting Money
Dervance Dinky Doo Ch. Pockethall New Shoes
Dalian Desdemona of Dervance
Ragglebarn Just Jemima Ch. Oakfarm Oberon Ch. Barnolby Troubleshooter at Oldoak
Oakfarm Oleanna
Marlay Damask Ch. Darosfield Knights Templar
Chysauster Betty Boop
Old Dream’s Blue Flower Ch. Bahlamb’s Beaming Blue Beard Ch. To-Jo’s Sun Beam over Misty Mtn Ch. To-Jo’s Pep’rmint Stic Ch. To-Jo’s Woodbridge Ratti Tat-Tat
Ch. To-Jo’s N’Tomalee Pep’rmint Patty
Ch. To-Jo’s Sun Bonnet Sue Ch. Union Jack’s Opening Bid
Ch. To-Jo’s Middlings Hat Off T’Meri
Ch. Bahlamb’s Bountiful Bell Ch. Bahlamb’s Bountiful Brit Ch. Bahlamb’s Barnyard Banner
Ch. Bahlamb’s British Bouquet
Ch. Bahlamb’s Broadway Babycakes Ch. Bahlamb’s Broadway Beefcake
Ch. Bahlamb’s Begonias N’Banners
Ch. Lykkegården Hit of the World Ch. Dreamdancer’s Ballantines Ch. Uno di Uno aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Keep Smiling Willy from W. Germany
Ch. Geminot aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
Ch. Georgina vom Blütenparadies Eskimo from the White Heather
Clementine aus dem Rotmaintal
Gentle Georgia from Beautiful Highland Cathy’s Clown Call to Glorie Shawlea the Devils Disciple
Ch. Chaty’s Clown Criminal Beauty
Ch. Fergie from Beautiful Highland Ch. Sugar Bear from Beautiful Highland
Ch. Daphne from Beautiful Highland