Dark Light

Født: 17.02.2004

Alleeloons Tommy
Twitchit at Alisheen
Baggybush Hemlock Ch. Baggybush Midnight Madness Hollyham’s Barney Barnes of Macopa Rakesmoor Range Rover of Hollyham
Hollyham’s Lady Grey
Baggybush Bizzy Lizzy Ch. Jedforest Don Carlos
True Blue Snow Boots
Tuckles Perfect Puzzle Ch. Simberdale Henry Higgins Ch. Raynham Scaramouch
Ch. Southview Elizadoolittle of Simberdale
Tuckles Mabel Ch. Reeuwijk’s Dew Fantasy
Tuckles Double Doughnut
Ragglebarn Flora Finching Ch. Pick of the Pack
at Viewpoint
Ch. Oldoak Crackshot at Malcro Ch. Barnolby Troubleshooter at Oldoak
Oldoak Enchanting Money
Dervance Dinky Doo Ch. Pockethall New Shoes
Dalian Desdemona of Dervance
Ragglebarn Just Jemima Ch. Oakfarm Oberon Ch. Barnolby Troubleshooter at Oldoak
Oakfarm Oleanna
Marlay Damask Ch. Darosfield Knights Templar
Chysauster Betty Boop
Ch. Old Dream’s Princess Cherie Ch. Tjh. Notown’s Beat the Meat Ch. Bahlamb’s Barnyard Baron Ch. Moptop’s Lambluv Master Plan Ch. To-Jo’s Root’n Toot’n Cowboy
Ch. Rholenwood’s Taylor Maid
Ch. Bahlamb’s Barnyard Beauty Ch. Sniflik Warwyck Darwin
Ch. Bahlamb’s Bouncing Beachball
Ch. Babiton Marguerita Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover Ch. Amblegait Amboyna of Stourvale
Ch. Oakfarm Beth of Bobbington
Babiton Highland Queen Oakfarm Fair and Square of Tumbletop
Ch. Dican Bonnie Blue Bell
Ch. Old Dream’s Lovey Miss Amy Ch. Ragglebarn Big Jim Colosimo Ch. Oakfarm Oberon Ch. Barnolby Troubleshooter at Oldoak
Oakfarm Oleanna
Ragglebarn Silver Sonnet Ch. Ragglebarn Summer Symphony of Jachelle
Bazooka Our Delight
Ch. Mandora’s Charming Pandora Ch. Das Beste aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Osborn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal
Ch. Quality Street a d Elbe-Urstromtal
Ch. Mandora’s Catch the Wind Ch. Old Fashion Pacesetter
Ch. Likeabear Afternoon Delight