Stamtavle Old Dreams A-kull

Født: 01.12.1995

Ch. Ragglebarn Big Jim Colosimo Ch. Oakfarm Oberon Ch. Barnolby Troubleshooter at Oldoak Weatherproof of Barnolby Barnolby Lord Shavley
Janmay of Kenstaff
Ch. Barnolby Wedding Bells Ch. Ginnsdale Stargazer Blue of Barnolby
Ch. Barnolby White Bear
Oakfarm Oleanna Ch. Pockethall Shoemaker of Oakfarm Ch. Pockethall New Shoes
Ch. Pockethall Silver Shoes
Woodnymph Sweet Charity Wildahar Forester
Wildahar Sofia
Ragglebarn Silver Sonnet Ch. Ragglebarn Summer Symphony of Jachelle Ch. Jedforest Don Carlos Ch. Bartines Most Happy Fella of Jenards
Shaggyshire Little Mo of Jedforest
Bartines Summer Serenade Twotrees Hereward the Wake of Yalumba
Loakespark Summertime of Bartines
Bazooka Our Delight Jamboree Paddington Boots Knotting Snow Sovereign
Jamboree Joana
Kelly of Happy Home Fairacres John Barley Corn
Flossie of Pantyfedwen
Ch. Mandora’s Charming Pandora Ch. Das Beste aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Osborn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Longdorham’s Folly by Georg Ch. Dorianblue Shepherd Boy
Ch. Follyfoot of Shepton and Longdorham
Honeymoon aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Ellenglaze Ladies Choice
Ch. Orplid’s Andrella
Ch. Quality Street aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Chris aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Buckswood Desperado
Ch. Cora vom Glinder Berg
He Du Da aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Ch. Ellenglaze Ladies Choice
Ch. Orplid’s Andrella
Ch. Mandora’s Catch the Wind Ch. Old Fashion Pacesetter Ch. Raynham Viscount Ch. Raynham Scaramouch
Rollingsea Alice Bluegown
Ch. Old Fashion Crack the Sky Ch. Some Buddy’s Canadian Ambassador
Ch. Old Fashion Sky is the Limit
Ch. Likeabear Afternoon Delight Ch. Askelepios Ch. Rollingsea Comet
Holymans Blue Bird
Ch. Simberdale My Fair Lady of Raynham Ch. Raynham Scaramouch
Ch. Southview Elizadoolittle of Simberdale